The Open heart Development Center search a new home

Celebrating Christmas 2020
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The Open Heart Development Center and its visitors were forced to leave the territory of the Protestant Church of Ukraine in Zolotonosha on February 1, 2020.

Church Pastor Vasily Veremey asked us about it. Unfortunately, he could not give the exact reasons for such a request. But in our opinion, the reason is the inconsistency of the personal goals and vision of the pastor with the real goals and objectives of the Center.

One of our young visitors’ mom kindly agreed to provide us with a temporary shelter in her house. So Development Center continues its work there at the moment.

In the meantime, we are searching for a new building where we can continue our work with disabled children on a new and better level. We also need to purchase new furniture and materials for proper functioning, because most of our property has had to be left in the church without the right to return it back to us.

We are very sorry that this happened and that our small visitors have to endure some inconvenience. But we do not give up and believe that the world is not without good people who will be ready to help us find a new home and everything we need for it!