Celebrating Christmas 2020
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February 24, 2022 changed our lives dramatically.

Russia, like a ferocious predator, violated the peaceful life of our entire country at night.
Once upon a time, reading in books and watching movies on television, we could imagine what war was like, but in reality, it had nothing to do with reality…

But to see it in reality, to experience it, to go through it, is something else. Unfortunately, it happened to all Ukrainians…
The Open Heart Charitable Foundation has been active from the very beginning of the war in Ukraine and continues to do so to this day.
We do not want to tell you about everything we have been doing all this time, we are not heroes, we are Ukrainians, and like everyone else we have done and continue to do everything possible, both for the Armed Forces and for people living in Ukraine.

We help families with special children, the poor, refugees and IDPs.
Clothes, footwear, hygiene products, food and simple human compassion and our prayers for everyone in need.
for everyone who needs it.
Our great desire is to bring the time of victory over the enemy as soon as possible. The enemy who has brought many disasters to our country.
We believe that the time will soon come when we will continue to live and enjoy the blue, sunny and peaceful sky of our beloved country.

Together to Victory!