Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

My name is Natalia Nechiporenko. I am a mother of 4 children. My son Daniel has Cerebral Palsy. I want to thank for the book” To win without shot». I know Tomas Strom personally. Jesus Christ is living in him and fills his life abundantly. The living water is flowing through Tomas and is transferred to others. Thanks to this book, we mothers of disabled children, learn more about other families with similar problems and understand that we are not lonely.

When people meet kind hearted Tomas and hear the Word of God from him, they begin to analyze their life and look at their problems in a different way.


(2nd year student ) Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

          I like the book because it describes unusual life stories of different people. But there is someone who unites all these people – our Lord, Jesus Christ.

One of the main characters of this book-Tomas Strom in attempt to overcome his own grief managed to help other people. The book is really gripping and advises it especially to people who have lost hope.


Krivoy Rog , Ukraine

Holding in my hands the book about Tomas Strom, I was wondering what stands behind its unusual title «To win without shot”. When I have read it I understood that it was the best title one could think of for this book. It’s a life story of a true soldier of Jesus Christ who won the souls for the Kingdom of God not by weapon but by his own example. As a Christian, Tomas listened to the Lord’s calling and responded to it.

Living in Sweden, having job in insurance company Tomas could live a comfortable, quiet life but then he wouldn’t be the man I know. He never stayed at home enjoying the comfort of his house; he travelled with Bibles and humanitarian aid to the counties of the former Soviet Union. There was no language barrier for Tomas. His sincere smile and unique ability to communicate with people were the best testimony of Jesus Christ and better than any words. When Tomas’ grandson Edwin was born with Down syndrome in 2000, he didn’t ask God why it happened in their family but instead, created Charity Fond named after his grandson ”Edwin” to support children with similar problems in the counties of the former Soviet Union.

 Both Tomas and his wife Eva are a good example of spiritual warriors. As Christians they understand that the life of soldiers of Jesus Christ is full of struggle…I can do everything through Him who gives me strength (Phil.4:13) …but he who stands firm to the end will be saved (Math 10:22)



”If you search for the good things in others, youґll discover the best in yourself”

This is the first thought that catches me while thinking about this book, a book  that impressed me in many ways.

Reading all the stories about the work Tomas, Eva and their friends, with  untiringly unconditional effort and passion are performing, is amazing.  Bringing people together, give them respect, show them joy and especially  spread love……thats what this book is about.  It touched me deep to read how people felt connected to God after meeting  Tomas, witnessing his socializing with strangers and having long conversations  with him.

I strongly recommend this book and hope that more people get touched by the pure stories about interaction between humans, love and their faith. I assume it must be a wonderful feeling to find your belive in God, in the meantime I try to hold on to my trust in mankind and send a prayer for Tomas….a wonderful person and friend.