Charity fund “The Open Heart” works in Cherkassy region 19 years. We have done much, but we must try to do more.

New projects: the “Children of the Sun” & Development Centre “Open Heart”. Open new opportunities for children! Construct their way in the future!

Ukraine, 18000, Cherkasy
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Charity Fund “The Open Heart”

Development Center “Open Heart” providing direct assistance to children with Down syndrome and autism.

The Center started its work in March 2016 on the territory of the Christian Church in Zolotonosha town.

Our main goal is to change the future of children with disabilities, to enable them to be adapted to this world and society, to have confidence and stability in the future, and to be able to realize they dream by themselves.

Using the methodology of Montessori, we try to find an approach to each child separately and elaborate an individual program for everyone, which includes work with educational toys of varying complexity, physical exertion (physical jerks or dancing), classes with a speech therapist and pathologist.

Thanks to the Center’s work, the parents of our youngest visitors started to believe in their children and in the fact that they have a future, and also to see that the Montessori method yielding positive results.

How it all began

For 19 years, the Charity Foundation “Open Heart” has provided targeted assistance to the families with children with Down syndrome and autism, and cerebral palsy.

We  heard a lot of real-life stories  that our educational system is not ready to accept children with similar illnesses and can not help them to develop on the level with the healthy children. After we heard those stories we started to dream to open the Development Center for children with Down syndrome and autism, where parents and children could be seen and could be able to receive the necessary help and support.

In Zolotonosha town, we have a place that we repaired and made all the necessary conditions for classes with children. Much has been already done but there is so much to do so that children will gain knowledge and develop their abilities.

Charity Foundation “Open Heart” expresses sincere gratitude to all the not indifferent people who have helped and keep helping us carry out this project. These are chiefly our friends from Sweden, the USA and Ukraine.

May God bless you richly.

With gratitude, CF “Open Heart”


Together for Victory!

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Celebrating Christmas 2020


Start training. September 2019. Еhe meeting and new challenges again.


Classes at the Development center “The Open Heart”


Christmas and New Year on “Development Center “The Open Heart “

Our activities

  • Spiritual revival of family
  • Help to orphans.
  • Working with disabled children
  • Conduction of educational activities
  • Educational activity
  • Adaptation of problem children in the community

To conquer without firing a single shot - Igor Bochkar


This book is about  the life of Thomas  Strom,  missionary from Sweden, who did lots of work in Ukraine and other countries. The story, written up in this book, has changed the lives of many people, their fates and their future. I wish this book to change You as well, dear reader!

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Yours faithfully, Igor Bochkar