The project “Development Centre “Open Heart” focuses on the children with disabilities so that these children can be fully developed in the society and feel necessary for the others.Charity Foundation “Open Heart” has opened “Development Centre “Open Heart” on the basis of the Ukrainian Christian Church in Zolotonosha town.

Together we implement the project of the present and the future for disabled children. Frequently these children are left outside the reality and cope with their problems on their own.

We want to carry out this project in order to change these children’s future, to give them an opportunity, a chance to be adapted in this world, society, to be assured about their future, to have stability and be able to realize their dreams by themselves. The country does something for these children,  but it’s not so easy nowadays though  a lot of steps have been taken to solve this problem.

We have long planned to open the development centre (DC) for special children. We wanted to help them and their parents so much so that they could expand their children’s abilities.

Currently, thanks to the church and personal to their pastor V.F. Veremii we have a building which has been renovated and all the necessary conditions for work with children have been created.

Much has been already done but there is so much to do so that children will gain knowledge and develop their abilities.

Charity Foundation “Open Heart” expresses sincere gratitude to all the not indifferent people who have helped and keep helping us carry out this project. These are chiefly our friends from Sweden, the USA and Ukraine.

May God bless you richly.

The poject “Children of the Sun” is a sub-project of  the project “Development Centre “Open Heart”!

Gratefully, Charity Foundation “Open Heart”