Time after time while passing by the school yard I heard how some healthy, full- fledged boy called another one, the same healthy and full-fledged boy in the following way: “Are you a Down?” At a time like that I thought: “What would happen if next to that healthy, full- fledged boy, who called another one stayed a boy who really had Down’s syndrome?” He would likely just smile not having understood that he was insulted, or he would turn around and leave with tears in his eyes having heard something bad in offender’s voice. Children with Down’s syndrome cannot insult other people, therefore they are “children of the Sun”. But we live in such a country where parents after finding out that they will have such a baby think how they will hide this baby out from the people around them who like to dab with their fingers to those, who are not like they are. Besides, it’s not easy to bring up such a child.

That’s why we have created the project which will help parents be ready to accept the child sent them by God. God doesn’t send anything to people that they cannot bear. It’s sent to strong people. It’s impossible to foresee the birth of a baby with Down’s syndrome, that’s why any family can face such a problem.

At present a lot of children with disabilities and children with special needs live in our society, namely children with Down’s syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other physical and mental disorders.

  • If to work with these children from an early age they will be able to do the following things:
  • to care for themselves;
  • to fulfill their own potential;
  • to be full members of society;
  • to help their families and to benefit.

Children who were given professional help at a very early age can take up socially significant positions over time and work, lots of them have a chance to live a dignified, colorful and interesting life. Thus, “special” children have an opportunity for developing and adapting in the society, and children with accepted norm of health – for being brought up in conditions of equality and unity.

As a result, a new attitude to people with disabilities, to all the people with their individual needs and their peculiaritiesis being formed in the society.


We support the children in the following way

 The people who work with children:

  • Montessori educators;
  • Clinical psychologist;
  • Speech therapist, speech pathologist;
  • Art therapy specialist;
  • Artist-pedagogue ;

 Work with children includes the following:

We record the results of the work after each lesson. Educators constantly monitor the children’s condition. Education is organized individually and in inclusive groups with healthy children. Individual development programhas beenprepared for every child taking into account his or her peculiarities and capabilities. This program helps fulfill child’s potential, correct deviations and develop his or her abilities.


What is Montessori?

  • Individual approach to every child, taking into account his or her peculiarities, interests, development rate, character.
  • More than 1000 manuals and special materials on work with young children, children of preschool and primary school age, teenagers.
  • Designated area for development of self-service skills where children learn how to wash, do the dishes, cook.
  • Interaction of children of different ages – older children help younger ones, younger children learn from older ones. It makes the learning process fast and effective.
  • Children with different diagnoses and their healthy peers perfectly develop side-by-side.
  • Direct involvement of families in children’s education, application of Montessori principles of upbringing in their families that results in improvement of the communication with children.



  1. The positive changes are observed in all the children who follow our program:
    • The contact with other children, openness, desire to communicate;
    • Mental development;
    • Improvement of movement coordination;
    • Acquiring of self-service skills;
    • Elimination of fear and deviant behavior;
    • Development of speech and ability to voice their feelings and emotions.
  1. The families bringing up children with disabilities are provided with advisory support which helps:
    • Facilitate the communication with a child;
    • Accept their own child with all his or her needs and peculiarities;
    • Feel more confident among healthy children’s parents;
    • Get rid of depressive syndrome.
  1. Parents who bring up healthy children and attend Development Center “Open Heart” change their attitude to people with disabilities:
    • Stop obstructing the communication between healthy and “special” children;
    • Tell their children about acceptance, respect, mutual aid regarding “special” people;
    • Parents themselves become kinder, more tolerant and more merciful.


How to support us:

  1. To make a charitable donation to the Charitable Fund’s account (detailed information you can find on our Website).
  2. To place boxes for collecting donations in different companies, offices, business-centers.
  3. To buy paintings, handicrafts made by the children in our care together with their educators.
  4. Information partnership: to post the information about the Fund on your sites, portal, blog (banners, links, articles).
  5. Recommend our Fund to those people who want to help.
  6. Volunteer support for conducting different events,transportation of people and things, spreading the information about the Fund, etc.
  7. To hold charitable Birthday: to ask guests to make a donation to our Fund’s account instead of presents.